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The intuition behind Urban Symbiosis Design is born from the philosophy of Biophilic Design. Every activity of ours demonstrates the feasibility of a design syncretism between the universe Design and that of Nature, to create objects and systems that improve, in the aspects of beauty and wellbeing, the quality of life of the Individual and the Community in which is inserted.

Urban Symbiosis Design belongs to the world of the latest design trends engaged in the renegotiation of the relationship between City and Nature.
The Studio promotes new scenarios for the use of design objects, attributing them an active role within contexts distant from the ecological universe, or nature in general. Through the use of sustainable resources such as recycled materials, agricultural byproducts, biobased resin, bioplastic and purifying plants;
the design object is invested in a daily support function of human health in confined spaces. For this reason, the Studio addresses particularly those innovative companies and communities, that are sensitive to wellbeing in the workspace.

Through the development of projects comprising bio-filtering plants and eco-friendly materials, Urban Symbiosis Design seeks to harmonize and cushion the effects of technological devices and home equipments by assimilating the pollution deriving from these.
Providing support to cohabitation of human and artificial, which is a quiet polluting entity, the Studio advocates a concrete policy of the contemporary design : operational and environmentally friendly.

The approach of Urban Symbiosis Design is trans-disciplinary, aimed to the interaction of different professional profiles (art, design, social research, scientific studies), which form organic and heterogeneous teams that are interested in cooperation on specific projects.

Urban Symbiosis Design is born from the research of Pietro Follini, fully grown over years through his creative and design course among art, design and communication.


Urban Symbiosis Design
is currently based in Milan, Italy

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