Urban Symbiosis Design

Cleaning Station® of Urban Symbiosis Design are design objects that are composed of natural materials and living components to combat the high pollution of indoor environments, a problem that is often ignored or underestimated.

Cleaning Station® is born to cope indoor air pollution, caused by poor Indoor Air Quality index (IAQ). We spend up to 90% of our time indoor, at home and office, where the indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air is. This condition depends on toxic chemicals released, such as from furniture and rugs or from the same construction materials, chronically trapped by closed-circuit ventilation systems. Electromagnetic radiation and particulates deriving from office or home technology (printers, computer monitors, televisions and home appliances), such as polluting gases from cleaning products, are all vectors that create highly polluted indoor environments; especially if accompanied by fluorescent lights, excessive dryness  created by warm air and by accumulation of positive ions.

Exposure to chemical substances and to microorganisms, present in the air, can cause serious health risks, most of that fall under the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), identified only recently.
This syndrome has a high social impact and is manifested by symptoms such as headache, fatigue, malaise, dizziness, difficulty in concentration and tension, as well as  often by specific symptoms such as irritation to eyes, nose, respiratory tract and occasionally to skin.

Cleaning Station® is born as a new customized relation between human and plant, supported by the growing number of scientific studies. This new relation is aimed to oppose the adverse effects on humans in confined environments through the natural bio-filtration process, resulting in improved indoor air quality and reduced stress of individuals, as showed by recent research.

The essence of the project is deep-rooted in the desire to create more harmonious, healthy and empathic living or work spaces. Given the impossibility to renounce technology in contemporary living, Cleaning Station®, indoor-air biofiltrating design set, proposes an active mode of resistance and reaction to indoor air-pollution.
Geometric modules, that trace morphologies from the ecosystem, house Bromeliads, plants with the capacity of hyper-accumulators, ready to act as natural air-filters through the symbiotic bio-filtration method.
Scientific researches show that the absorption capacity of pollutants of the   Bromeliaceae plants reaches 0.2 milligrams per kilogram of plant.

Hence Cleaning Station® are dynamic structures that provide the simplest solution ever, with easy maintenance– therefore can be considered as agile evolution, compared to the complexity of installation and maintenance of Green Walls.

There are places that accommodate large dimensions, where Cleaning Station® is transformed into real installations, capable of dialoguing with the hosting environment. it.